Dear Beardy,

My asset is small, poor quality and when I try to use it, my partner always ends up disappointed. Before I take drastic steps to get it enhanced, is there anything else I could do?

Yours hopefully,
Tiny in Tynemouth

Hi there Tiny,

Here at Eighty3, we deal with people in your predicament all the time. Believe it or not, this problem happens to a lot of people and it can be easily avoided. An asset, such as a logo, is an extremely important to you and your business. Although you can get one made at a price to suit any budget, please ensure that you get everything you need from the project.

Make sure that you have files that can be used on screen and files that can be used on print. Ideally, having a vector file, such as an .eps is where you want to be. A good designer will be able to help you understand these things and shouldn’t add additional costs on to accommodate you having access to these files.

Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid any potential issues:

File types

JPEG - A standard image file that can either be used for screen or print depending on the resolution and size. The higher the resolution (300dpi+) or bigger the size, the higher quality it will appear when printed out. It is worth saying here that large, print-ready files are not best used on things such as websites as the large file size will slow the site speed. What you need here are lower resolution (72 dpi), web-optimised files. A good designer will offer to deliver your artwork in a selection of sizes and types to fit your needs. JPEGs will also have a background colour so please bear this in mind too.

PNG - Much the same as JPEGs with the notable exception that these little beauties can have a transparent background which makes them really flexible when using them for design work.

EPS - This is a vector file which is different to the previous file types. JPEG and PNG files are made up of pixels so if they are enlarged too much there can be a loss of quality. A vector file will not lose quality regardless of how big you make it. They are made using paths and will always give a crisp appearance at any size.


At Eighty3 Design, every logo we do is unique. We only ever use each design once and will never be used again - they are designed with the client in mind so they wouldn't be suitable for any one else.

Stock logos

There are designers to suit all budgets. My advice would always be get the best you can for your money. Some designers will be able to provide you with a cheaper price by using ‘stock logos’ that they churn to any number of people. The outcome of this would be that your logo could potentially be shared with other companies which is not an enviable situation to be in so just make sure that you do your homework before setting out on your journey.

Logo mockups

Lately, my Facebook News Feed has been inundated with sponsored posts from ‘designers’ offering their services. Although I find this odd, as it is the one thing I don’t need, it does worry me that many of them show little in the way of design skill but plenty of ability to present this as a 3D mockup. My issue with this is anything looks cool embossed in carbon fiber or superimposed on a shop sign but what does it look like in black and white on a screen or piece of paper? Again, there are levels of designer to suit all pockets so make sure that you get the most ‘bang for your buck’.

So 'Tiny', I hope that has helped you with your problem. Just remember, size and quality DOES matter when it comes to brand assets!

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