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How do I find my brand voice? Why your communication style is central to your brand.

Use your voice

As business owners, we all know how important branding is, and if you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ll know how much store we set by it. But it’s not all vector images and out-there designs; good branding also includes your brand voice. And finding a brand voice that is as original as it is authentic will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Back in this blog, we mentioned we’d visit this topic, and so here we are. Let’s get started.

What is brand voice?

Let’s pretend for a moment that your brand is an extension of you as a person (which is pretty much the truth when it comes to personal branding). You have a specific way of communicating, which, over time, your family and friends come to expect. 

And just as you have your unique way of speaking and writing. Guess what? So does your business. That’s brand voice – the distinctive way your business communicates to the world. Although the words ‘business’ and ‘brand’ are not interchangeable, your brand is how the rest of the world sees your business.

Why is brand voice important?

Your brand voice tells everyone who you are and what you stand for. You’ll engage clients that are attracted to your brand, and over time you’ll build a solid relationship with them. In their eyes, your brand will become recognisable and reliable and, as long as you remain true to it, you’ll foster their confidence.

But a word of warning: stay consistent (sorry, two words). To keep with the analogy above, if all of a sudden, you change the way you communicate —maybe you start conversing in rap — your friends and relatives would be sightly confused. “What’s happened to my Daniel?” or “what’ve you done wi’ me best mate?” You might look the same, but your communication style would really make people take a step back and, well, wonder. 

Let us explain. Let’s say your brand comes across as serious and down to earth (definitely not us then!), but you decide to lighten things up a bit and start sharing humorous memes that are unrelated to your business. You’ll turn off your prospects and utterly baffle your current clients. 

Take Greta Thunberg. Like her or loathe her, her brand voice is tough, combative and outspoken to the point of impertinence (ooh, nice word, there). She really wouldn’t come across the same, or indeed, have the same impact if her brand voice was gentle, caring and charming.

Tune Up

Where should I use my brand voice?

In an answer: everywhere. And all of the time. On your website, in all of your marketing materials, and in all of your communications, be they via email, social media or in-person. Wherever your business communicates, it should do so through your brand voice.

But although your brand voice should stay the same, you can vary the tone of voice you use to match the situation. As humans, we all encounter fabulous experiences, sad news, and neutral information that helps us along with our day. A business is just the same and should alter the tone of any messages to match what’s happening. How do you feel about the news you’re just about to spill? Ecstatic? Serious? Or something else?

How do I find my brand voice?

You can use your business ethos to help you create your voice. Ask yourself, what are your values? What’s your business mission? And how about your business vision? Whatever your business type: sole trader or a limited company, you could heavily base these traits and principles on you as an individual or the people you employ. 

Alternatively, you could ask yourself what you want to represent within your sector? Are you significantly different to your competitors? If so, how? 

Collect a series of adjectives that describes the above and choose the most important to you. Doing this will help you to convey to your prospects and clients what you’re all about. Just don’t try to be something to everyone. When finished, you can add a brand voice ‘bible’ to your company’s style guide or brand guidelines. Your bible should include your voice characteristics (fun, helpful, knowledgeable), a short explanation of those words, and some examples of dos and don’ts (say this, not that).

You can pass on this valuable mine of information to any employee or other individual who writes for your brand so that everyone is on the same page, quite literally.

Just one piece in the puzzle. Just one slice of the cake.

The Importance Of Brand Voice

Brand voice is in the nucleus of your brand strategy, but how does it fit in with the other elements of your branding? Brand voice should sit up there amongst things like your distinctive icon, brand colours, and font. In fact, those four aspects – voice, font, icon and colours are central to your business persona and how you want to be perceived by your prospects and clients.

Whatever your marketing strategy, whatever platforms you use to communicate, make sure you’re clear in who you are so you can be consistent in how you come across. Don’t do or say anything this is unbefitting of your brand. Instead, proudly represent it and stay true to it. 

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belonging to the same family, group, or type; connected.

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