Crave Nature Escapes

Crave offer an amazing service that allows busy professionals to be taken into the heart of the countryside and get closer to nature. From their website:

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to provide busy Londoners with places to escape to but without the need for a car, equipment and lots of travel time? Leave work at 18.00 (ish) and be there for 20.00 in the heart of the countryside. Eat locally sourced and prepared food and then wake up to hear the birds singing and the wind in the trees before diving into a breakfast hamper. And so the journey began…”

This concept behind this logo was very nuanced and required weeks of consultation and video calls to get just right. The icon had to represent a tent without being to obviously a tent, while at the same time, replacing the letter ‘A’.

Lashes By Beth

When we started the project Beth had a very clear idea of what she wanted, which was a logo that was inspired by people in her field. As the ideas developed it became clear that we were moving further away from her competitors and really distilling down what ‘Lashes by Beth’ is as a company.

The finished article is entirely typographical, simplistic and versatile. It can used in any capacity, be it in print, stitch or as a watermark on Instagram pictures.

Rings Security Shutters & Gates

Rings Security Shutters & Gates have been trading for over 15 years, and boast an impressive list of blue-chip clients, including Next, Aldi, F.Hinds, New Look, Goldsmiths, and many local businesses. Perhaps even more impressive, however, is that they managed to do all of this without a web-presence.
They needed the website to predominantly serve as a tool for their Sales team, for reference purposes when discussing what products/options may best suit the customers’ requirements.
It was also important to outline the various legal compliances which needed to be adhered to, and how each of the products were fully compliant.

Why WordPress?

WordPress was ultimately chosen as the most suitable platform due to its ease of use.
Product details and custom page content can now be updated by the team at Rings Security Shutters & Gates, without any need for coding knowledge. New products can be created and uploaded to the site at the touch of a button, and the social media feeds are fully dynamic, requiring no manual updates.

Yankee Bundles

This was the second project that we undertook for this client and has grown into a real success. The key to this design was to make it reminiscent of the ‘Yankee Candle’ logo but to also give it an identity of its own. We went for a simple approach, using classic typography and a little graphic embellishment. The colours are used throughout the companies other branding.

Elite Heating and Plumbing

Elite Heating and Plumbing was a project that evolved as it progressed. The site is completely custom built, front and back end, to the client’s specification. It has loads of nice little bits of functionality twinned with sleek design features, making this site the total package.

Insure Capital Group

Our client specified that they wanted something clean and corporate for their insurance website. We worked with them to develop the initial concept (shown here) into the final product. The finished site is headed by a video which is something that the client was very passionate about and we just love! The site is predominately white and is accented by blue. Blue is a colour often used by corporations because it represents security, trust, but also productivity.