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Personal BRANDING FOR a coach with hu(w)ge personality

Huw Davies’ personal branding website is an entertaining and interesting place that highlights his accomplishments and character in a distinctive and memorable way. With a focus on video content and a humorous and engaging style that sets it distinct from other personal branding websites, the site is made to be easily accessible and simple to use.

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HUW Davies - The Design Story

The purpose of Huw Davies’ personal branding and website was to highlight both his engaging personality and his knowledge on gaining financial freedom. The website is jam-packed with entertaining and interesting information, such as videos, social media updates, and pictures. The site has a dynamic and cheerful atmosphere that sets it apart from other coaching websites thanks to its vibrant orange colour scheme.

The video portion of the website, which highlights Huw’s vast knowledge on the subject of finance, is one of its standout elements. Users may simply navigate through the videos because they are prominently featured on the homepage.

The playful spirit that permeates every area of the website is another noteworthy aspect of it. The website is made to highlight Huw’s distinct personality and sense of humour, from the silly images on the homepage to the odd descriptions of his work. Users are more able to relate to Huw personally as a result, which makes the site more interesting and entertaining to use.

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