In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP – the job’s a game!
– Mary Poppins

To be completely honest with you, the team at Eighty3 are quite a childish bunch. Our desks are littered with toys, and office funnies are plentiful. (You can see more about this in our social feed) Keeping things fun and interesting keeps us productive and means that no two days in the office are ever the same. I mean, what’s the point in working in a creative industry if it isn’t fun, right? We all have those boring business jobs that we rather wouldn’t do. Or the huge mountain of a task that you can’t even work out how to start so you never really get started at all. But here at Eighty3, we have the secret formulae that will make sure those to-do lists not only get completed, but we actually enjoy getting them ticked off. (Shock horror)

So how do we do it I hear you cry? Each week we sit down as a team and put together a list of our top ten high-value business tasks. These aren’t our day to day roles. These are things that will push the business forwards and help us to achieve our goals. The list is then divided up between the team, with different members taking responsibility for their own task. We do this in Asana, just in case you wondered (other task management systems are available).

It’s All A Game

Doesn’t sound much fun? Well here is the thing, we make the whole thing into a game with varying degrees of reward depending on how well we do that week. Kind of levelling up, by collecting all that business XP. Each level brings a greater reward and making it round to Friday with no treat on the horizon is a very sad place to be. Here is our current reward structure:

7 completed tasks by the close of play Thursday – Takeaway coffees delivered to the office for our Friday meeting (Our preference is using our local cafes and coffee shops like the fab Oh, Flopping Fiddlesticks).

8 completed tasks by the close of play Thursday – We still get those lovely takeaway coffees… but we also get cake. (Our local bakery of choice is The Wheatmill) 🙂


And the big one…


Wait for it…


All tasks completed by close of play Wednesday – We go out for breakfast for our Friday team meeting.

How It Works

So, here is how we structure it. Our top ten list is put together in our Friday team meeting, we list out the points, every member of the team gets input as to what is really important to them within the business. These are then set in stone and assigned. In our Monday team meeting, we review the tasks and make sure that everyone has what they need to get things signed off. Some tasks will need input from several members of the team, or for one person to get something ready (images, content, documents etc) for the assignee to put the task into action. We thrash this out and then merrily skip off back to our normal roles. Wednesday team meeting is check-in day. We review our progress and check to see where the bottlenecks are to getting items ticked off. This is our accountability. No rushing everything through at the last minute, it encourages everyone to make progress right through the week. We can see there what prize we are on course for and it spurs us to push that little bit harder.

A Job Well Done

This week the team absolutely killed it. All tasks were neatly signed of by Wednesday and they were by no means little ones. Everyone pushed that little bit harder to get them out the door which saw us merrily skip off last Friday to the rather grand “Roe Deer“. Certainly a treat and a lovely venue to work through our list for the following week. Awesome work Team Eighty3.

Here is a little more about the Roe Deer, taken from their website, and some fabulous shots that were taken by Sian our Executive Assistant.

“The Roe Deer was a family home called Lawnswood House, built for the Foley family between 1813 and 1816 during the reign of King George III, in the Regency style. This means that it has wonderful high ceilings and huge casement windows that flood the rooms with natural light from the ancient gardens that surround it.

The building lends itself beautifully as a pub and now has a large bar at the heart of the building. Outside there is a stone terrace to the front, which enjoys sunsets framed by the grand old trees, and views out across the lawn and the fields beyond. Upstairs, enjoying the same views you will find a private dining room which will comfortably seat 14.”