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A fully functional and well-maintained website is essential. It adds intangible value to your brand and could be the difference between a satisfied customer and a disgruntled one. 

We provide website maintenance and WordPress support packages that won’t let you down even if your website does. Your business is our priority and supporting your success is part of our remit. It’s our job to ensure your software’s up to speed, your plugins are updated, and you’re all backed up and ready to go.

Support that fits. Like a duck to water and an eagle to the wing.

Updates, clean-ups, and security scans. Speed optimisation, analytics and uptime monitoring. Making sure your website is on top form is a must. As the saying goes, “if you look after it, it will look after you”: without maintenance and support, you could well come unstuck. 

So, whether you’re a micro-business with minimal needs or an e-Commerce site with heavy traffic, we can provide a tailored WordPress support package that suits you.

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Crazy as the Internet maybe, you never know where the next click may come from or what it could lead to. A broken link or a failed (or forgotten!) backup could mean anything from losing consumer confidence to a missed sale or, worse, loss of data. Sadly, your prospects won’t tell you if something’s wrong, they’ll leave you to work it out and promptly move on to a site that responds quickly and doesn’t let them down.

WordPress Support Packages To Save Your Sanity

Good website management means ensuring your visitors can quickly find the information they want on an up-to-date and secure site. It means live chat and phone support when you need it. But most of all, it means peace of mind: we lose sleep, so you don’t have to.

Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, our website support is there to make sure you’re always up and running. From uploading images and blogs to analytics reports and regular updates, we’ve got your back. Tailored to your needs and with no fixed term, you can have flexible, outsourced website support when it suits you.

Do you forget to make backups? Have a backlog of updates? Or just an astonishing lack of time?

If you want your website to fly like an eagle, hunt like an owl and promote your products and services as a successful website should, then get in touch! We know we’re a little bit quackers, but we’ll get you on track and singing like a songbird in no time! 

We’re available via email, phone and social, or drop in for a chat and see how we can help. Like magpies, we love a good natter.

Our Wordpress Support Packages

Package Highlights
Kind, reliable and always there.
Available to everyone
Suitable for one-off fixes and ad-hoc support
Support managed via our ticket system
24 hour response time (Monday - Friday)
Work quoted for
£50/per month
Package Highlights
Suitable for basic sites that need support and security
24 hour response time (covering weekends & public holidays)
Support managed via our ticket system
24/7 uptime monitoring
Weekly off-site backup
Spam & revisions clean-up

Most Popular
£125/per month
Package Highlights
Support tasks sorted and peace of mind
24 hour response time (covering weekends & public holidays)
Support managed via our ticket system
Ten 30 minute support tasks
Weekly off-site backup
Google analytics report (monthly)
£225/per month
Package Highlights
Great for high traffic sites and e-commerce
Live chat & phone support available (Mon- Fri, 9 - 5)
8 hour priority response time
(inc. evenings, weekends & public holidays)
Unlimited 30 minute support tasks
Google analytics report (monthly)

£450/per month
Package Highlights
Great for high performance, high revenue sites
8 hour priority response time (covering evenings, weekends & public holidays)
Live chat & phone support available (Mon- Fri, 9 - 5)
Unlimited 1 hour support tasks
Weekly Report
Site-speed optimisation


We charge the 'one-time' setup fee so we can spend some time making sure that you site is in tip-top condition and is ready to receive the services that we will be providing. This may include running updates, scanning for malware and site speed optimisation. This will vary depending on which package you choose.

When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside, you gotta take a stand it don't help to hide. A support task is anything that fixes an issue with your site. Random errors appearing - support task. 404 error - support task. WordPress white screen of death - support task. Unable to upload a picture to the media library- support task.

Short answer is no. You can walk away any time you wish by simply cancelling your subscription.

There is no setup fee for Robin as this package is primarily designed for support tasks that come in on an ad hoc basis. There is no ongoing site maintenance so all work will need be quoted for.

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