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Canvassing for Canva. We love Canva. And here is why…

We love Canva

Canva: every designer’s nightmare? You’d think, but go to their site, and it’s a design (and marketing) marvel! If we were the miserly sort (which, thankfully, we’re not), we could think the app was stealing our business. But the truth is, we’ve found Canva to be a great tool for creating custom branded Canva Templates.

A designer’s wonderland

Canva is an app for mobile devices, laptops and desktops that you can use to generate a whole range of great-looking graphics. There’s everything you need to put your own unique stamp on your brand output and social media content; the whole caboodle, from logos and business cards to infographics, documents, images and videos. You can generate an entire spectrum of graphics just from your phone!

As an Australian company set up in 2013, Canva isn’t new. Their app is easy to use with a self-explanatory user interface. There is a huge range of templates to choose from; all you need to do is select your template and get creative to produce appealing visuals that you can then download and use as you wish. The different versions of the app include Free, Enterprise or Pro, so, whether it’s for business or personal use, there’ll be something to suit your needs. What’s not to like?! 

But why should you want to know?

All of the visuals you create in Canva, you build on pre-made templates that are free to use (though some are available to buy). You have complete autonomy over the design process and can modify the template using your own choice of colours, style and brand voice. 

If you’re really feeling inspired, you can even design your own templates from a completely blank canvas and upload them into the app. That way, everything you produce is original.

Producing completely new professional and effective designs requires time that many business owners just don’t have. And although the Canva website contains learning opportunities in everything from branding to marketing to business (and the choice of templates is not small), time is still of the essence in any industry.

The good news is, that’s where we come in! 

On hand, on brand

Everything at your fingertips

Here at Eighty3, we work with our clients to produce original Canva templates to their unique specifications. Specs often include colours, voice or image the client wants their brand assets and graphics to convey. 

We design and build bespoke templates in Canva using multiple elements. Once complete, our clients can access their template in the app and bam! It’s a whole new ball game. 

Our clients no longer have to use pre-made templates that are ill-matched to their brand’s graphic style. Instead, they can work with their own branding to produce a variety of visual content that they can use across multiple platforms and marketing media.

Using the app, clients can modify and manipulate their design to their own needs. They can create everything from unique social media content and videos to branded documents, presentations, infographics and beyond. Easy to use and offering real flexibility in design, the app gives you endless creative options (though let’s not try the maths behind that).

So, it gets the thumbs up?

You bet. From the Designers at Eighty3, Canva gets a big orange tick. It’s an excellent tool that has few limitations. Whilst we still get the privilege of generating designs for our clients, our clients can make new media and assets when they need to, giving them more control over their business and marketing.  

It’s cost-effective, too: you can easily turn one design into so many more. And additions and changes are quick and easy to make. A link provided by us gives clients direct access to their templates, which is limited to their business only. What’s more, our clients can use the app completely free of charge.

Using Canva to your advantage (or having your cake and eating it!)

Canva, as a company, are all about empowerment (it’s one of their values). We take that one step further and encourage our clients (and you) to use it. We want you empowered too. We want our clients to engage with their branding and assets. Our customers know their businesses in, out, and upside down, so they know what works.

Our clients can capitalise on our years of experience, having professionally designed logos and graphics whilst still being able to fully manipulate that design across the Canva app. Now, if that’s not having your cake and eating it, we don’t know what is. Interested? Drop us a line!


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