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business that is transacted by transferring data electronically, especially over the internet

If you are looking for an eCommerce store for your West Midlands based business… look no further. Ensuring your eCommerce site provides the best possible experience for all visitors is paramount to staying on top of the game. But what is it that makes for an enviable UX? The customer journey is so much more than just clicking to buy. Making that process as easy and straightforward as possible is key to successful sales.

Mobile-friendly eCommerce sites tailored to your brand and business sector

Everything from the design of your site to eCommerce SEO and calls to action can change a “just browsing” visitor into a “just bought it” customer. We know that site speed, image quality and ensuring your site has a mobile device mode all play their part. You also need to provide the customer with as much useful information as possible. This includes access to customer services, your contact information and details on on-site security and privacy! Phew!

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Experts in eCommerce

Designing and managing an eCommerce site involves considering a whole extra layer of “things”. That’s assuming your site aesthetics are already ticking the right boxes. From behind the scenes stuff like specific SEO requirements and a quality content management system to know the type of information your clients really want to see. As a result process can become quite involved.

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Armed with the right knowledge, a high-performing online retail outlet where sales flourish can be yours. Thankfully, the team at Eighty3 can help. We are an eCommerce specialist agency based in the heart of the West Midlands. With expertise, experience and a wee bit of time, a bold and flashy, new eCommerce site can be yours. This comes complete with all the tools to analyse your sales. And, if you already have a website in place, we can modify it to meet your high and exacting standards.

Poor conversion rate? Not quite mobile-friendly? Or does your Content Management System need a refresh?

If eCommerce is your bag, but you’re not quite where you want to be, why not book in a free 30 minute solution finder call. You can also send us a message, or join the party on social media to see what we can do for you! We’re always happy to natter. We can help with everything from site design and advice on eCommerce platforms to ensuring you’re meeting privacy and security guidelines. You can never be too sure! If you were here in person, we’d offer you tea and biscuits too!