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Need to increase website traffic? You need Google My Business!

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Getting and retaining customers is hard work. Owning a beautifully designed and engaging website, active social media profiles and great branding all help. But here, we share one of the quickest and simplest ways to get more traffic to your website. It’s no great secret. In fact, if you’ve read this blog’s title, you’ll already know the answer. Google My Business or GMB.

And, just like an increased footfall in a physical shop, the more people you engage, the more business you’re likely to do. So, if your website lacks visitors, if you’d like to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages, and if you want important information about your business easily visible, then read on.

GMB is free?

According to Ahrefs, 90.63% of web pages receive no traffic at all1. And although most websites contain multiple pages, that’s a lot of hard work gone unseen (and unappreciated). It’s also money spent with nothing gained. If you’re a business struggling to survive (and let’s face it, the current climate isn’t great), every little penny counts.

So, we’re all told there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and whilst we can’t eat data, Google My Business is free. Yep, that’s right: completely and utterly free. Google is offering businesses a helping hand by providing a service that will drive more traffic to your site and get your business out there.

Rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

Unlike some of us mere mortals, Google loves change. GMB is no different. And, like a lot of things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. Google rewards those business profiles (or listings) that contain the most information and register the most activity. Your profile will rank above other organic search results with lesser profiles if it includes lots of regularly updated content. Result!

To take full advantage of your GMB page, we suggest you complete as much of the profile as you can and update it frequently. Updates could include images of your premises or products, videos of your services in action or special events, new offers or recent reviews. It can be anything that you think will inspire interest in your prospective customers.

And consider this: how many times have you searched for a business near you? “Hairdressers near me”, “dog groomers near me”, “dry cleaners near me”, or whatever else you need right now. Google knows where your business is and gives you the opportunity to pop up first on the search. So anyone looking for, say, “property companies near me”, will know where to find you.

Name, Rank & Number

Make your reviews more visible.

Reviews and testimonials demonstrate to the world what you’re capable of. According to research, if you’re a business with anything less than a 4-star review, only 48% of people would consider using you.2 That’s a lot resting on your review rating. Reviews and testimonials instil confidence in your prospects and are proof of the great experiences current and previous clients have had.

Google reviews are readily visible on your Google My Business page. It’s right there in front of them, twice! Interested parties don’t need to find your website and then scroll through it to look for evidence of past performance.

First, the page displays an overall star rating at the top, together with your business name, location and category. And guess what the most critical part of a review is? Yup, star rating. Scroll down, and you’ll see individual review ratings and written testimonials. It even brings together other reviews from around the web. Facebook, for example.

And remember, at this point, your prospects are viewing all this information from the Search Engine Results Page, not your website.

Sign up and Claim your Business!!

When it comes to searching for local businesses, Google comes out on top. So, now you know how much a business profile will help you, how do you go about getting one? Here’s our whistle-stop tour of the process.

Note: if you haven’t already got a Google account for your business, you need to get one as your GMB Account will connect to it.

Let Me Google My Business That For You!


And if you don’t have your own Google My Business account yet, your profile may already be out there. If so, you need to claim it. If not, you need to create one.

There are a few options to claim or create a business profile; we will go through GMB itself. Click on Google My Business and select “Sign in”. Log on to your business account and enter the information required. Be aware your business name may already be there! Once you have given your business name, address, selected a category, and entered your contact details and website, you’ll need to verify your business.

You can do this by mail, email or phone (not all businesses are eligible for every option). You’ll then receive a code, which you enter using your account. Verification will pair you with your profile.

‘Appy days!

Once verified, hey presto! You have your very own Google My Business profile. Now’s your chance to get as much information on there as possible to pave the way for a high performing page that gets you in front of clients and tells them everything they need to know. 

As you may have guessed, GMB also has an app. And although you don’t need it to access your GMB account, it does mean you can be more productive on the move!

Want to see Google My Business in action? Check out our profile. We’d like to think it’s full of helpful information about our business, but take a look and see what you think. Got a question or a comment? Get in touch through our GMB page or contact us by phone, email or social (GMB tells you precisely what platforms we use; how cool is that?!).

For a detailed step-by-step approach, here’s the link to Google’s support page for adding or claiming your business. Find a link to frequently asked questions here. And for an alternative version, there’s here.


belonging to the same family, group, or type; connected.

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