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Green graphic designers? Four Small Ways We are “Doing Our Bit” For The Environment.

Cause For Thought

David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg: champions of a cause. Champions so big, we probably don’t even have to tell you what cause that is (though the title perhaps gives it away!).  We care about our environment.

We’re not climate scientists, we don’t work for Greenpeace, and we might not be able to tell a horse chestnut from a sweet chestnut. But we are Pro-Earth; it’s our home after all. So, even though big names like Attenborough and Thunberg are in a different league, we’re certainly doing our bit. Here, we tell you how:

We recycle!

Ever heard of Earth Overshoot Day? It’s the date by which, each year, the human race has consumed the resources the Earth can regenerate in one year. In 2021 that date is 29th July. Wow, we’re greedy! So, anything we can do to move that date closer to 31st December each year, the better! Step forward, the humble recycler.

Sadly, businesses can’t recycle as easily as in domestic settings. And our newly-refurbished office in the brilliant Black Country is in an office block that doesn’t recycle! So, we took matters into our own hands and organised our own! We now have a recycling contract with fortnightly collections so we can reduce the burden on the planet’s resources. Glass, plastic and cardboard all count!

LED’s be energy efficient.

There are seven lovely team members that work at Eighty3 Design, including us, the owners. When we’re not coming up with crazy creative ideas in an orange-walled super-sleek meeting room (such a cliché!), we spend our working days in front of computer screens. To reduce our energy consumption, we’ve invested in energy-efficient LED computer monitors. 

Believe it or not, one website view costs an average of 1.76g of carbon. And if you fancy a few more scary statistics on how big a carbon footprint the internet has, check out Climate Care and this BBC article. Energy-efficient equipment is one small but meaningful contribution to lessen our environmental impact. 

Dare To Care

Contributing to carbon capture (try saying that three times fast!)

We signed up to Review Forest. For every review we receive, we plant a tree on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. It doesn’t matter (to the trees at least!) whether that review is positive or negative; one gets planted anyway. 

Excellence For The Environment

Plant-for-the-Planet, Review Forest partners, plant indigenous tree species in a location where the climatic conditions provide an excellent environment for fast growth. Fast growth means fast storage of CO2, which means less of the stuff in the atmosphere! And although the trees don’t mind if the reviews are negative, we do, so we give the best service we know-how.

Aim high

One hundred million steps. That’s a lot. In fact, it’s equivalent to walking around the Earth twice! Here at Eighty3 Design, we’ve taken part in the step challenge set down by the charity Get Up Give Back. Along with many others, we’re contributing to walking a grand total of 100,000,000 steps. In doing this, we’re not only raising money for a fabulous cause, but we’ve also not used our car.

Walking (and working!) is thirsty work, and we love tea and coffee, so we use our local milkman, who delivers all of our milk fresh in glass bottles on his electric float.

The charitable branch of Property Entrepreneur, Get Up Give Back, aims to donate £1,000,000 to those who need it most by 2026. The charity has a “single core objective of promoting mental and physical wellbeing of Entrepreneurs whilst raising money for charitable causes.” But in addition to improving health, walking reduces the volume of greenhouse gasses we emit into the atmosphere by using cars and public transport. Healthy and green. Nice.

A final word

The Earth and its resources are a precious commodity. Still, given our current lifestyle, any little green people appearing from outer space would probably be surprised by that statement! We know Earth isn’t ours, but that it belongs to every creature living on it: from the smallest frog to the most enormous whale to everyone on this crazy list. We’re custodians, preserving what we can for the future.

So, although our brand colour is orange and not green, and we’re sceptical that little green people actually exist, we’re still Eco-Warriors at heart. And when you come to us, you can rest assured that our services are not only excellent (just see our Review Forest!), but that they’re green too. 

If you’d like to know more about us and what we offer, give us a shout! Contact us by phone, email, through social media and via our website. 

Thanks for reading!


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