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Uninspiring Landing Page? Get grounded with our no-nonsense guide!

Is your Landing Page engaging enough?

So, you’ve arrived here wanting to know more about Landing Pages, right? Great, because we want to help! With a bit of forethought, you can get yours working for you by generating more leads, resulting in better sales!

Hey Google! Define Landing Page…

First things first, what is a Landing Page? What it’s not, is your website’s homepage. Instead, it’s a completely separate site that generates leads (prospects or future buyers), ideally without any links to your main website.

Consider Aesthetics

The design and layout of your Landing Page are vital. It needs to look professional and give confidence to the reader. They’re not going to give you anything if your site looks ‘dodgy’! Hey, would you? A striking headline and subheading will grab their attention and will let them know what you’re offering. Make it clear. If your prospects have to spend time working out what you’re offering, chances are you’ve lost them already.

Consider everything from font, point size and layout, to the location of your ‘call to action’ button. Make sure any graphics are appropriate, have a direct connection to what you’re offering and help you tell your story. Colours should be inviting and enticing: bright and contrasting or coordinated but not garish or clashing.

How long do you give a site before you bounce? We’re guessing not all that long. Your prospects are probably the same, so give them the information they need to know quickly and succinctly.

Clean, crisp, simple and straightforward. You don’t want complicated. See where we’re going with this?

Text that’s to the point.

Whether or not the internet is turning our collective attention span into that of a goldfish (sorry goldfish!), ensure your copy can be read quickly and easily. One-sentence bullets are ideal; they provide valuable information without the unnecessary waffle. Here you can elaborate on your headline and sub-heading, outline the details of your product or service, and give reasons why your prospect should avail of it.

Consider placing (genuine!) testimonials or reviews from previous or current satisfied customers on your page too. It will let others know that you can provide an excellent experience and will give them more confidence in you and your services.

Try not to use links that may lead prospects away from your page. Potential clients may well get carried away clicking away, which will reduce their opportunity to investigate your offer further. Makes sense, right?

What’s in it for me?

As we’ve learnt, the whole point of a Landing Page is to make your visitors a proposition; ideally, one they can’t refuse. This will encouragement to engage with you. What you offer clearly depends on your sector, but whatever it is, it needs to be valuable, otherwise your visitor won’t want it enough to give up their all-important details.

Your options are many and range from a 10% discount code for future purchases, an ebook or White Paper, to perhaps a short course. Be inventive. Ask yourself, what do your prospects want or need? What problem do you solve for them and what can you give them to help?

The form — the place where you’ll collect information — should be simplicity itself. You’ve got your prospect this far, don’t scare them away now! Make the process as painless and straightforward as possible. And who likes forms, anyway?

Initially, we recommend collecting as little information as possible from your prospect. Start with a name, email address and/or phone number. You don’t want to make your prospect uncomfortable or even suspicious by asking for too much. As your relationship develops you can ask for more if you need it.

Your call to action — what you want your prospect to do — needs to be clear too. Whether it clicks to download, submit or retrieve, make it obvious and easy, but make it fun! Use words and phrases that inspire and don’t bore. For example “Count me in”, “Yes, please!” or “I’d like a free sample”. For further examples see the links at the bottom.

Mind your P’s and Q’s!

If you are in a sector that is regulated, make sure the appropriate logos are displayed. It will increase authenticity and trust and shows you’re responsible. For example, the Landlord Accreditation or The Property Ombudsman if you’re in property.

Equally important is attitude to privacy. Show you care about your prospect’s data by inserting a short phrase to say so, and perhaps a link to your Privacy Policy. This shows respect and will reassure your prospect that they won’t be bombarded with spam they didn’t ask for!

Show off your friendly nature too by saying thank you! When they’ve completed the form and each party has received the valuable information they asked for, offer your thanks! It’d be rude not to.

Lastly, if you do have a varied client base, consider setting up more than one landing page. Making each page applicable to specific types of prospect will likely increase the response rate; it’s less generic and more about them.

If you want further information about improving the efficacy of your Landing Page, drop us a line. We have creative solutions that will save you time and give you a better return on your investment, so you can get on with entrepreneur-ing!


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