Logo Design to evoke your whole brand and tell your prospective clients what you do!


Also called logotype. a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

At Eighty3, we’re all about quality design and excellent service, and when it comes to logos, we’re passionate about getting it right. 

A lot hangs on a logo. With a great design, you’re on to a winner. Get it wrong, and you’ll miss out on all the attention. We’re professionals with loads of experience and a ton of commitment, and we want to create the ultimate logo for you and your brand. Because in the end, we want your business to triumph.

A logo design to be proud of (and not hide behind!)

A well-designed logo isn’t just a discrete name or icon. It should evoke your whole brand and tell your prospective clients what you do and how you do it. It needs to look good wherever you use it, and, over time, it can add value to your business too.

Your logo design is the first step to creating a successful brand.

Logo design is a holistic service that works alongside your brand guidelines. It takes into account colour, font, style, and the type of image that would suit your business best. Though it may seem like a whole lot of complicated, a logo could be with you for years to come.

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Badly designed logos can present many problems. Poorly thought-out colours, style or font, can give the wrong message to your prospective clients. If the image isn’t a vector file, you’ll have problems when it comes to resizing. Expanding an image that isn’t a vector will lead to pixelation, and even the most awesome logo will lose street-cred when that happens. All in all, an inferior logo will reflect badly on your brand.

Whether you’ve got no time, no design experience, or just no desire to create your own logo, we’re here to help. As graphic designers, we produce creative, considered logos as vector images that match the demand of your brand and business. The result: an icon that looks professional and suits your brand; that you can place anywhere and resize to your heart’s content!

Logo looking sad? Problems with pixelation? Or does your business need a rebrand?

Perhaps you’re a start-up with a bright new idea? Maybe you need a rebrand and a fresh, new look? Or even if you just want a few enthusiastic cheerleaders, why not pick up your phone and get in touch? We’re available on the blower, via email, on social and through our handy contact form; take your pick!