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Spartannn Mind Gym


The Spartannn Mind Gym brand identity project is focused on creating a compelling visual identity for a unique therapy program for men. The client, Dr Emily, is a passionate advocate for mental health and believes that her program offers a revolutionary new approach to therapy.

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Come back with your shield, or on it - A Spartannn Design Story

The goal of the brand identity project is to create a visual identity that captures the essence of the program and resonates with its target audience. The design must convey a sense of strength and masculinity while also communicating the importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing. The result will be a brand that empowers men to take control of their mental health and live more fulfilling lives.

The use of the spartan shield motif in the brand identity for Spartannn Mind Gym is an excellent choice, as it effectively conveys the program’s core values of strength and protection. The shield has long been a symbol of masculinity and resilience, making it an ideal representation of the program’s target audience.

In addition, the use of Spartannn Crimson as the primary colour further reinforces the program’s message of empowerment and resilience. The Spartans wore crimson not only for its symbolic significance but also for practical reasons. Crimson was an ideal colour for concealment, as it made it difficult to see bloodstains and injuries on the battlefield. This was important not only to hide injuries from enemies but also from fellow soldiers, as it prevented them from becoming demoralised or losing confidence in their ability to win. This concept of concealing pain and injuries can be applied to mental health as well, as many men often hide their struggles from friends and family out of fear of being seen as weak.

By using Spartannn Crimson in the brand design for Spartannn Mind Gym, the program aims to encourage men to break free from this mindset and seek the help they need to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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