Time! Is it at the top of your Christmas list?

We have all been there! How often do you say those immortal words… “I haven’t got time”. Your work tasks are piled high around your ears but your friends and family are clammering for your attention. You are torn. You know that important task has to be completed but your conscience is being pulled in two. Put simply… your work-life balance sucks.

It is an easy trap to fall into. We all take on those tasks that just aren’t a good use of our time. Sometimes it is because we believe that no one can quite do that job as well as we can. We may think it will take us longer to find someone to do the task than it will to actually do the task. It can be because we think it will be too expensive to outsource the tasks so we use our own valuable time instead. Whatever the reason may be, business owners, entrepreneurs and managers have all become time-poor. We sacrifice our own lives to try and achieve the impossible.

You can do anything, but not everything – David Allen

But what if there was another way? What if you could take some of those important tasks off your desk, get them completed and delivered on time with very little input yourself?

That exact scenario happened in the office last week. We have a regular client; for the purposes of this blog, let’s call him Mark. He came to us with a dilemma. He wanted to send out a corporate Christmas card to his clients. After a year of digital communication, he wanted to reach out with a real tangible item that said that he had appreciated their custom in a tough year and wished them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The only thing was, Mark had bought corporate cards last year and they were still sat in a box in his office. By the time he had gotten around to sorting them and getting them delivered by the printers he no longer had enough time to write them all and get them in the post. In the end, he had given up.

Time is what we want most, but use worst – William Penn

Over the last year, his company had undertaken a rebrand so the old cards were now just an expensive paperweight. He knew what he wanted to achieve but was so overwhelmed with the work he had on his desk he wasn’t sure he could cope with another unticked task on the Christmas to-do list.

Time for a solution?

How did we solve his woes I hear you cry? Well, here at Eighty3 we are all about coming up with creative solutions to our client’s challenges. We came up with a plan to get those cards out the door and a weight off Mark’s shoulders.

  1. We designed his corporate cards and print managed the job with our trusted printer. This meant that Mark never had to deal with the printer directly. He was just regularly updated by the team as to the status of his cards and when we expected delivery.
  2. Our development team helped him export his contacts from his CRM in a usable format. We created a mail merge, ready for getting those cards in the post when they arrived.
  3. Took delivery of the cards and handwrote each name, to give a personal touch.
  4. Delivery labels and postage were printed and applied.
  5. The cards were dropped at the post office with proof of postages obtained.

The whole process, including printing and postage, cost less that £150. This meant that Mark’s actually saved money based on the time he reclaimed and his hourly rate.

He was thrilled to get that frog eaten in double-quick time. It allowed him to concentrate on some key business tasks and gave him the clarity to get other business operations in motion. He wasn’t being distracted by yet another time-consuming task.